A slick quartet of horns toting heavy licks make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

“If there’s one way to prep for a Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes gig – it’s to bring your dancing shoes.”  

Widely regarded as one of the finest live acts in the country, Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes have twisted the fabric of musical time and lived to deliver you a curated selection of infectious and original rhythm and blues. Bandleader and songwriter Sal Valentine is framed by a slick quartet of horns toting heavy licks and a polished rhythm section comprised of piano, double bass and drums. Alongside the instrumentalists stand the foils to Sal Valentine: accomplished vocalists Chelsea Prastiti and Siobhan Grace. They are collectively named The Babyshakes, and have been declared by Valentine to be ‘Auckland’s Number 1 Band’.

The Babyshakes include:

Rebecca Mason Melrose
Chelsea Prastiti
Elizabeth Stokes
Sir. Benjamin Sinclair
Callum Passells
Sir Jonathan Pearce the Great
Christopher Pearce
Alexander Freer

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