Gypsy-soaked Balkan States. Driving rhythms intoxicating and enchanting their audience

Niko Ne Zna are New Zealand’s very own Balkan Gypsy brass extravaganza. Formed in Wellington five years ago, the band has been stunning audiences ever since with their thrillingingly exuberant, dynamic performances.

The band can alter the size of the line up depending on the budget and needs of the customer. Ranging from three piece to full nine piece band. Neko Ne Zna are an amazingly versatile band that are completely mobile which allows them to perform in any setting or situation. They can roam whist they play and can play fully acoustically with no amplification nessesarry or can play a fully staged event though a P.A system.

The full line up comprises of two trumpets, saxophone, vocals, two trombones, sousaphone, percussion, Balkan bass drum and snare drum, Niko Ne Zna are a truly authentic ensemble. They can roam while playing, and enchant the audience into dancing, singing, clapping and stomping all night long. The band consists of some of Wellington’s finest instrumentalists who come from a wide array of musical backgrounds that unite together to produce a cocktail that will make your ears rise to attention and your feet move in a frenzy. Their music is high energy with dark undertones and sexy gypsy style. Neko Ne Zna are a world class act with exotic tunes, fantastic grooves and exciting solos.

The band have played extensively in Wellington with performances at The Wellington Fringe Festival, International Jazz Festival, Cuba Street Carnival, Wellington Summer City Festival, Prana Festival, Taranaki Arts Festival and the recently Rugby World Cup to name a few and have been a staple of the Wellington music scene with regular performances all over city.

“It’s easy to forget where you are when you listen to these hypnotic melodies. It’s like being dropped amongst the hot and spicy lands of a country far away – to a place where you can free yourself with these infectious and wild beats that take their influence from the gypsy-soaked Balkan States.”

“Driving rhythms an intoxicating effect” Taranaki Daily News

“Gypsy good times…” Rit It Up Magazine

“ … this is straight to the dancefloor” Elsewhere

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