Classic dance songs of the seventies and the eighties

Fleck was formed early in the new millennium by Andy Page (Lead Vocals/Guitars) and Andy Henry (Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals/Trumpet), having previously worked together in Unlimited Speed Zone, a five-piece cover band. It was their goal to continue this big band tradition of providing as “live” an act as possible, which has set them apart from the common duo format of one “singer”/one “button pusher”
Andy Page has been a part of a number of bands such as The Alley Cats, Jambusters, Spinner, USZ and for the past 12 years the duo Calder Page. They were in fact the first two piece band to play at a number of venues which would otherwise have had larger acts, a policy of keeping their lungs and fingers as busy as possible, resulting in an experience matching that of bands, which take up a lot more space and demand a much larger cheque at an evenings conclusion. He has also fronted a few tribute bands – The Doors Show, Rod Stuart and The Commitments, just to name a few and also spends a lot of time on his original music.

Andy Henry has worked with many bands in the past decade such as USZ, Don’t Tell Mama, Millennium and Modaji. Andy Henry has also played in many brass bands and jazz bands.

One of a Fleck’s best assets is the ability to have total control of the volume that an audience faces, something that Fleck is very sensitive to and always open to suggestions from patrons. Their repertoire has evolved from many years of observing audiences reactions to a large range of popular songs, with classic dance songs of the seventies and the eighties continuing to be the most popular. They also have a number of quieter pieces, which provide a pleasant setting earlier in an evening when people are still eating or wishing to greet guests to a function. This repertoire numbers over one hundred songs and as a typical night out will demand forty to fifty items, sets will often be adjusted to accommodate for requests and general audience preferences. If requested, the band can learn a special item for a couple’s first wedding dance. Fleck however are always armed with a compact disc player and take no offence if a couple would prefer to dance to the original recording of a song that has special significance to them

If enough notice is given Fleck may be able to learn your special song.

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