'A voice that has you coming back for more'

Bill Hickman has a voice that has you coming back for more, like a great shot of coffee it’s rich, dark, smokey and sexy as hell. Having sung over many a noisy bar he can belt it out with the best of them but he can equally deliver an achingly beautiful ballad.

His last 2010 EP ‘Ghost of Smoke’ featured Bill’s strong gravel dragged voice, intimate song writing and country inflected acoustic guitar.

Fans of Warren Zevon, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams will hear touchstones in his song writing. His song writing is lyrical, emotive and intense.

He’s a fan and practitioner of story teller song writing. “A centre piece of this record is the Mr Mercedes tunes, tales of murder, theft and torching cars out on the Makara coast. I’ll leave it to you the listener to decide who is guilty or innocent of these crimes!”

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